VH Speed Skating - Molding Instructions

Molding Instructions

Before heat molding your skates you will need to true your blade to your boots. This is critical to maintain the bend in your skate for performance. It will also assist with proper alignment to maintain the pitch and alignment of the boot when heat molding.

Tools for heat molding:

  • Blades (Trued to you boots)
  • Chair
  • Oven
  • Socks
  • Guards
  • Cold packs

The Heat Molding Process

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Place the boot on a rag in the oven.1. Preheat the oven to 180 degrees Fahrenheit

2. After truing the blade to the boot, remove it and place the boot in the oven on-top of a rag. This will help protect the boot from the oven grill.

3. The boot will remain in the oven for 20 minutes or until the boot becomes pliable. After 10 minutes check the boot and flip it over. Each oven’s temperature is slightly different so we recommend that you check the boots periodically to ensure that they are not damaged from over heating due to slightly different oven temperatures.

4. The boot will remain in the oven for the recommended 20 minutes or until the boot is pliable and ready to be molded to your foot. Once it is ready, remove the boot from the oven and attach it to the blade.

Heat molding the VH Long Track Boot

Video Heat Molding Long Track Boot

Using the VH Ratchet Buckle


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It is critical that the blade is attached to the boot for heat molding to your foot!

Molding5. Loosen the laces and carefully adjust the  buckle strap so that it is out of the way. As the buckle fasteners are anchored in the thermo plastic careful attention should be taken when moving the buckle strap.

6. There is a 5-7 minute window when the boots are very malleable for optimized heat molding. The boots will take approximately 20 minutes for the thermo plastic to fully cure.

MoldingWhile inserting you foot into the boot, ensure that you hold the top of the boot around the achilles area to prevent compressing of the thermo plastic counter in the skate, which can damage the boot.

Caution: The boot eyelets may become very hot from the heat
molding. If so, skaters can use socks to protect their feet.

Molding7. Ensure that the tongue is adjusted so that there is ½ an inch of the tongue above the boot line. This adjustment can be done by taking advantage of the VH customizable tongue.

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8. Ensure that the tongue is straight (not twisted) in the boot. Proper alignment is important as the VH tongue is also heat moldable and will customize to your foot.

9. Lightly tighten the laces. It is important not to over tighten the laces during the heat molding process as it could damage the eyelets.

Caution: Do not use the buckle during the heat molding procedure. As the buckle fasteners are anchored in the thermo plastic, using them when heat molding will damage the buckle system.

10. Sitting in a chair you will begin molding your VH boots. It is important to remain seated to ensure that the pitch of the boot is not altered when heat molding.

Please note that you can take advantage of the extreme VH moldability through the ankle area (red), as well as arch area (blue). The following instructions identify the best practices to optimize the fit of your VH boots.


11. Sitting in a chair you will push your knee over your toes and align the centre of your knee over your 2nd toe. Keeping the boot square is very important during the molding process.




12. Sitting in a chair you will push your knee over your toes and align the centre of your knee over your 2nd toe. Keeping the boot square is very important during the molding process.

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13. Along with the critical knee over skate angle, it is important for the skater to go through the full range of motion. Remaining seated in the chair you will slide your foot forward putting you in a extension position.The motion should not be held and should be repeated every 5 minutes. Getting the extended position in the mold will greatly improve comfort when standing up, as well as improve performance for stretching at the line. After the extended position is acheived quickly return the foot to the pervious knee over skate position.


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When going through the range of motion ensure that the blade remains square and you remain seated. The extension should be done smoothly and gently.

If you wish to speed up the curing process, this can be done by using cold packs (ie bag of frozen peas).

Once the skate has fully cured you can remove the skate. Skates can be heat molded numerous times should they require adjustments. We recommend that after a full oven heat molding that you use a heat gun to address any small adjustments as needed. Please see the boot adjustments section for additional tips and interventions. 

Video to punch out toe box in skate