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Skate Fit / Find Your VH Size

Running Shoe Fit vs Speed Skate Fit

A VH Skate

VH Skate vs Running Shoe

The VH skate is designed with the ankle area, length, width, and eyelet separation in mind. This is based off of normative data of foot measurements. Due to the extreme moldability and the only skate to offer a moldable arch area, it allows for the most custom fit for all customers. As a skate does not bend, they are built around the concept that a skate should fit tight and to the skater’s length of foot, which will optimize control for safety and skill development. Therefore, a skate does not require the same room at the toe as a running shoe.

A Running Shoe

A shoe is designed and fitted so that the foot has enough room at the toe to accommodate the foot when the shoe bends during walking or running.


When the correct boot size is chosen a skate boot is designed to fit a normal foot properly with the following properties:

  • The eyelet cuffs are an adequate distance apart to allow for proper fastening with the laces.
  • The forefoot width (ball of the foot) is tight, but not painful
  • The boot height (top cuff of the boot) is high enough for proper support, but not too high
  • The ankle volume allows for a tight fit around the ankle bones, but the mold-ability provides for a pain free skating experience

To achieve a proper fit the longest toe should be within 3mm of the end of the toe box. 


Longest toe distance


If you do not have a pair of VH boots to try on please follow the instructions below to calculate your correct size:

Foot Tracing

Tracing Your Foot

Skate Fit

Take a piece of paper and trace around your foot. Please ensure that you hold the pen straight (perpendicular to the ground) to get a consistent measurement with the VH sizing system. Once you have your foot tracing measure from the centre of your heel to your longest toe.

Using the VH sizing matrix below you can determine your VH boot size. Approximate increments are 7mm per sizing with the exception of size 44 which is a 10mm increment from size 43.

The following matrix will assist you with the selection of your VH size. Please note that the running shoe size is for your reference and that a foot tracing is the most accurate way to determine your size, if the tracing is done according to the VH protocol above.

VH Sizing Matrix

VH Size (Euro)
29303132333435363738394041424344 45
Running Shoe - Women's           5 6  7                
Running Shoe - Men's                 6 7 8 8.5 9 10 11 12.5 13+
Running Shoe - Kids       Y-13                        

Less than 18.6

Less than 19.3

Less than 20.0

Less than 21.7

Less than 21.5

Less than 22.3

Less than 23.0

Less than 23.7

Less than 24.4

Less than 25.1

Less than 25.8

Less than 26.4

Less than 27.3

Less than 28.1

Less than 28.9


Less than 29.7


Less than 30.5

If you are unsure of your size please contact us with your foot tracing measurement (cm’s) and your running shoe size and we are more then happy to assist you.

Selecting Blade Length

VH has analyzed the current developmental system, skill development factors, and trends to established a general recommendation for the VH boot. The following matrix shows our recommendations to get you started.

VH Boot Size29-3132-333435-3637-3839-4041-4243-45
Blade Length (inches) 12" 13" 14" 15" 15.5" 16" 16.5" 17"

Increasing in blade length from these recommendations requires the following considerations:

  • The skaters agility, balance, and coordination to use the additional length
  • The skaters height and strength
  • The skaters ability to use a longer blade without a significant reduction in stride frequency