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Product Testing

VH Blade Deflection Testing               

VH Speed Skating has been testing the most popular blades since 2002 determining what was good and what needed improvement.  We found through high tech flexural tests that there were certain deficiency that could be improved on with modified tube extrusion, blade runner gluing,  attachment, blade runner height, and cup mounting attachment design. With this information we began development on a VH Titanium (Ti1) blade back in 2006, and through our lab tests and skater feedback we concluded that we had arrived at the most superior blades for developmental skaters.

With the success of the Ti1, we continued development and testing of our high performance blade line. Through the 2008 season VH completed the full lab testing of the Ti2 blade to meet the demands of high performance skaters. During the 2009-2010 season the final field tests where conducted with feedback from Canadian National Team members (Jr & Sr) from both the Montreal and Calgary National Training Cen

tres, along with various clubs and regional centres across Canada. With positive feedback and results we did a limited launch of the Ti2 in May 2010. The final test of the blade was solidified on September 17-19, 2010 when Marie-Andree Mendes Campeau (Montreal, QC) set a World Record in the 1000m. This proving to the World that VH can not only produce the best development blade on the market but has the knowledge and skills to compete in the high performance blade market. 

Shawn conducting deflection tests

Unlike other manufacturers VH designs and tested each component to seamlessly interact with one another to arrive at the optimal transfer of power from the skater through to the point of contact with the ice.

New for 2013 VH has again revolutionized the development blade for the market, through continued lab and field testing. We now bring to you the VH Red Blade.

VH Short Track Red Blade

For more information on the NEW VH Red Blade please click on the picture above.