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VH Speed Testing

Cory Rasmussen

Canadian National Development Team member Cory Rasmussen was selected to take the stock VH Short Track boot through a rigorous speed test. After only one practice Cory was challenged to perform a season best flying lap.  Cory delivered with 4 flying 1 lap intervals, where he clocked 8.4 second lap times.

It is important to note that Cory’s boot did not rub on the corner during this testing, and he felt the ankle support was more than adequate.

The speed testing concluded that along with the title of the  most moldable and comfortable on the market, it also solidified itself as the boot to properly develop skills from a skaters first exposure to speed skating through to World class performances.


1000m Action at Canadian World Cup Selection Sept 17-19,2010

New Canadian Record On VH Ti2 Blades!!

Marie-Andrée Mendes-Campeau (Montréal, QC), Maltais and Do-Duc went all out, and all three skated under the old Canadian record held by Kalyna Roberge (1:29.870). Mendes-Campeau’s name will now be in the records book as she crossed the finish line in 1:29.132.

Marie-Andrée was also crowned 1500m champion during the event.