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About VH Speed Skating

VH Speed Skating was founded in 2004 after an evaluation of the developmental system by former National Short Track Speed Skating Coach Shawn Holman and Scott Van Horne of VH footwear. After a critical evaluation of the developmental system, it was identified that major gaps existed in the developmental equipment that speed skaters currently use.

VH Speed Skating’s boot design and philosophy focuses around three primary pillars of success which include: Comfort, Performance, Safety.Comfort, Performance, Safety

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Boot Design

VH Speed Skating Boots are built off of a custom designed foot last that allows a skater to achieve the necessary “knee over skate” technical position, which translates into performance.


Speed Skating Boots vs Inline Skating Boots

It is important to note that the majority of manufacturers focus on the larger inline skate market vs the ice Speed Skating market.

VH Speed Skating’s primary focus is on Ice Speed Skating!

Below are some VH advantages to consider before using an inline boot for ice speed skating:

  • The VH boot mounting system has the shortest distance from the bottom of the foot to the top of the blade cup, reducing the height of the ankle joint off of the ice increasing stability & performance. Inline boots have a much thicker mounting block system to properly accommodate an inline frame.
  • The VH boot is designed around ice speed skating technique, which demands a lower body position through increased allowance for knee-over-the-toe angle